Division Office Services

Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week (March 13 - 17, 2017)

Wolf Creek Public Schools and Wolf Creek Teachers’ ATA Local #3 proudly recognize and acknowledge the excellent work that you perform, the valuable professional service you provide, and the contributions you make in providing continuity and excellence in the learning experiences of our students.

Every day you provide professional service in our Wolf Creek schools. Your daily responsibilities for  instruction, management, and supervision of students are the same as our  classroom teachers. As substitute teachers,  however, you have an added challenge of not being able to work with individual students on a long-term basis while being responsible for ensuring that each day is used productively.

Thank you for maintaining consistency and commitment to the learning outcomes when other teachers are away from their classrooms and students; we appreciate the dedication and professionalism that you bring to your essential role in our schools.

Thank you for the contributions that you make in our schools and to our students!

Everyone, please join us in celebrating Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week March 13-17, 2017.