Division Office Services
Collaborative Learning
Collaborative Learning

Department Services

Wolf Creek Public Schools provides an ease of access to their current Departments. WCPS is structured to support student achievement, and a dedicated team of professionals work together to provide the best in educational opportunities and operational services. Please visit the links below to find out more about our departments.

Office of the Superintendent

Each year we publish documents that outline how we have reached the decisions that impact all learners, the new iniatives that we are pursuing and the results of our collective efforts. This is in accord with our motto of "Creating Success For All Learners" and highlights the committment we make to everyone impacted by the educational efforts of Wolf Creek Public Schools.

Business Services

The Business Services Department oversees and provides several key services to both internal and external stakeholders of Wolf Creek Public Schools.

Facilities & Maintenance Services

The Wolf Creek Public Schools Facilties Department is responsible for all school facility infrastructure including classrooms, gymnasiums, playfields and play structures across the division.

Inclusive Learning Services

Wolf Creek Public Schools strives to reach all areas of student life. Inclusive Learning Services provides strategies, resources and support for staff and students in helping them to overcome personal barriers to school success. The wide range of supports available for WCPS staff enable them to support and alleviate any barriers a student may have in completing their education.

Learning Services

Wolf Creek Public Schools strives through curriculum and instruction to meet the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and character development needs of our students.

Occupational Health and Safety

Wolf Creek Public Schools goal is creating, implementing and maintaining an effective Health and Safety Program. Our reward for a successful Health and Safety Program is a safe and healthy environment conducive to exemplary levels of learning, teaching, administration, facilities and maintenance and student transportation.

People Services

In Wolf Creek Public Schools our motto Creating Success For All Learners applies not only to students, but to every employee in our organization. As a result, we are committed to placing them in situations that utilize their strengths, to creating whatever support structures might be necessary, and to treating our people as fairly as possible along the way.

Technology Services

Technology Services helps create success for all learners by providing a complete range of technical services to all functions of Wolf Creek Public Schools.

Transportation Services

Wolf Creek Public Schools provides you with access to the transportation department which oversees registration for the transportation programs, provids parents with a basic handbook, busing letters, and updates for the busing schedule. This deparment also oversees the busing department.