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Collaborative Learning

Inclusive Learning Services

Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) is committed to meeting the diverse needs of all learners as outlined in the WCPS and Inclusive Learning Services vision, mission statement, and guiding principles.

Inclusive Learning Services Vision encompasses:

  • Valuing diversity and inclusion
  • A commitment to relationship building and collaboration to support learners to be their best
  • Supporting excellent learning environments for all students to realize their potential
  • Systematically planned processes, coordinated resources and support structures
  • Ensuring common language and understanding of Inclusive Learning Services mandates and roles
  • Progressive and responsive approaches to provincial and division mandates
  • A commitment to evidence based and growth focused practice

Inclusive Learning Services Mission Statement:

The mission of WCPS Inclusive Learning Services Team is to meet the needs of all learners within a collaborative service delivery model that is responsive, coordinated and evidence based, within the context of the WCPS Excellent Learning Environments (ELE) Vision. 

WCPS Definition of Inclusion

“All learners are included in an educational setting that addresses their current needs based on collaboration amongst stakeholders.”

Inclusion is a value system, a way of thinking and acting, which demonstrates that all students are entitled to equitable access to learning and achievement in all aspects of their education. The practice of inclusion transcends the idea of physical location, and incorporates basic values that promote participation, friendship and interaction. It also means that all students will have equitable opportunity to be included in the typical learning environment or program.  Schools that embody effective principles and practices of inclusion coordinate and unify education programs and supports in order to ensure that all students belong and can learn effectively.


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