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Health In Action

The 'Health in Action' Project Philoshophy and Goals

The Health in Action Project is a partnership project between Wolf Creek Public Schools and Alberta Health Service's Comprehensive School Health Program.  Through a comprehensive approach to promote health and well-being in the development of successful learners, this initiative supports the following aims:

Comprehensive School Health Approach

Comprehensive School Health is a multi-faceted, integrated approach that involves students, school staff, parents, health professionals, agencies and community working together to promote health and well being in the development of successful learners. The goal of CSH is to help the school community to develop a clear vision and a logical strategy to address health priorities in their school. CSH is based on two key ideas:

Wellness Wiki!

The Wellness Wiki! is a one-stop shop for all teaching staff to find anything related to health and wellness. The front page is updated monthly with new information.



Articles from The Learning Team (Volume 18, April 2015)

Mental Health Commission of Canada


The Pillars of the Project

The Health in Action Project aims to improve the health and wellness of all school communities in Wolf Creek by addressing, supporting and promoting the importance of the following three pillars: Healthy Eating, Active Living and Positive Social Environments.  The following links contain useful ideas and information about programs and resources available to support schools in the promotion of healthy eating, active living and positive social environments.

Pillar 1: Healthy Eating

Pillar 2: Active Living

Pillar 3: Positive Social Environments


HIA Curriculum Resources

One of the key objectives of the Health in Action Project is to infuse healthy living messages into the core curriculum subjects at all grade levels from ECS through Grade 12.  A collection of resources, lesson plans and activities for the subject areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies that incorporate a focus on healthy eating, active living and/or positive social environments are available for teachers to use.  These curriculum resources are categorized by divison level, and are cross-referenced by subject area(s) and corresponding pillar(s).  To view the curriculum resources available, click on the links below.

The HEALTH RESOURCE LIST FOR TEACHERS document contains resources and lesson plans to support the following topics in the Health and PE curriculums:  Body Image, Bullying, Active Living, Healthy Eating, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Suicide, Tobacco, Substance Use, and many more.


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