Division Office Services

HIA Division 4

The following spreadsheet contains unit plans, lessons, and activities for use in Grades 10-12 classrooms inclusively. Many of the resources are cross-curricular, including links to more than one subject area and/or more than one grade level. Click on the Documents Directory above in order to access all resources.

Division IV Math Science Social L.A. Healthy Eating Active Living Positive Social
School Spirit Reactions   Bio 20         x
Exercise and Body Systems 10 Applied Bio 20       x  
Globalization - Food for Thought     10-1   x    
Food and Digestion   Bio 20     x x  
On Thin Ice       x x   x
2010 Olympic School Kit for L.A.       10-1/2   x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for Social Studies     10,13       x
2010 Olympic School Kit for P.E.           10-12 x
"The Bully" Novel Study       10-2     x
Circle Justice Unit       10-2, 20-2     x
More Than What You See       10-2, 20-2     x
Amnesty International     13/23/33       x
Correlations: Heart and Health 10, 20 App         x  
Global Issues Unit     10 10-1     x
Super Foods   10     x    
Hearing Between the Lines       10-12     x
Body Energy   Physics 20     x x  
Globalization Unit     30       x
Vitamin C & Chemical Reactions   Chem 20/30     x    
Identity, Metaphorically Speaking       10-12     x
Possible Food Futures     10-1, 10-2   x    
Tasty Models   Chem 20     x    
Waterslides 10 Ap/Pure         x x
A Twisted Love Poem       10-12     x
Human Genome Project   Bio 30         x
Faith and Science   Bio 20         x
Measuring Calories   14,24, 10-4     x x  
Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco   14         x
Discrimination and the Charter     10       x
Ethnocentrism and Maps     20 & 23       x
Environmental Issues   10         x
Food Handling   24     x   x
Deconstructing Advertising       10     x
Equal But Different       10- 1     x
The Chocolate War       23     x
Where is the Love?       10-1     x
Matrix Game 20 Pure         x  
Human Rights     13, 23 & 33       x
Skin Deep       10/20/30-2     x
Chromosome Shuffle   Bio 30       x  
Moving Membranes   10       x  
Holiday Spirit Reactions   Bio 20         x
The ABCs on Canada     SS 16       x
First Nation Webquest     SS 10       x