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HIA Division 3

Many of the lessons plans and activities listed below are cross-curricular, containing links to outcomes in more than one core subject area and/or grade level. Click on the Documents Directory above in order to access all resources.

Division III Grade(s) Math Science Social L.A. Healthy Eating Active Living Positive Social
Positive Structures 7   x   x     x
Aztec Sacrifice Lesson 8     x x     x
Divisibility Rock n' Rule Game 7 x         x  
Romeo and Juliet: Morals, Ethics, and Social Issues 9       x     x
Lifestyles for Learning 7 x         x x
Mathercise 7,8 x         x  
"The Bully" Novel Study 9       x     x
Culture and Environment 7     x       x
Different Countries:  Comparable Statistics 7     x       x
Prejudice and Body Image 6,7       x x   x
Image Gap 6-8       x x x x
Mirror Image 6-8         x   x
The True Story 6-8       x x x x
Percents, Ratios and the Canada Food Guide 8 x       x    
Sit up and Mean it! 7 x         x  
Integrity in "Thank You Ma'm" 9       x     x
Fast and High Fat 7-8 x     x x    
Mother to Son 7-9       x     x
Nutrition Circle Graphs 7-8 x       x    
Pulse Rate Line Graphs 7-8 x         x  
Identity, Metaphorically Speaking 9       x     x
Getting to Know You 7     x       x
Diverse Points of View 8     x       x
Creating Tribes and Artifacts 7     x       x
Depicting Anger Buttons Using Circle Graphs 7 x           x
Assessing Behaviors Using Rational Numbers 8 x           x
Peace and Violence Messages on Television 8 x   x x     x
Knowing Me, Knowing You Unit 7     x       x
Human Rights; Human Freedoms Unit 9     x x     x
Trading Card Analysis 7     x       x
Parent Participation Project 7 x           x
Songs Are Poems Too 9     x x     x
"Once Upon a Time":  Tearing Down Fences 9     x x     x
Bio-What? 9   x         x
Borders - Where Do We Belong? 7-8       x     x
Creating Multi-Media Presentations 9       x     x
Dealing With Bullying - Peer Teaching 8-9       x     x
The Brother I Never Met..... 7-9     x x     x
HIV/AIDS Unit 9     x x     x
Feeling Sleepy? 8-9       x x x x
The Benefits of Exercise 7-9       x   x  
Awareness of Culture and Faith Unit 7     x       x
Put Me in Order 8 x         x  
Measuring Calories 7-8 x x     x    
Someone Else's Shoes 7-9       x     x
Bully-Free Zone 7       x      
Super Foods 7,9   x     x x  
Mission Nutrition 7-8 x x x x x x x
Math Bridge 7 x         x  
Getting to Know You 7     x       x
2010 Olympic School Kit for L.A. 8-9     x x   x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for Math/Science 7 x x       x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for Social Studies 4-6     x     x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for P.E. 7-9           x x