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HIA Division 2

Many of the lessons plans and activities listed below are cross-curricular, containing links to core outcomes in more than one subject area and/or grade level. Click on the Documents Directory in order to access all resources.

Division II Grade (s) Math Science Social L.A. Healthy Eating Active Living Positive Social
Inuit Games Circuit 5     x     x  
Mathercise 4-6 x         x  
Lifestyles for Learning 4-6 x         x x
Bending Light, Twisting Bodies 4   x       x  
Fraction Action 6 x         x  
Integers of Stress 6 x           x
Rate Your Diet 4-6 x       x    
Salad Party 4   x     x    
Put Downs Lesson Kit 5,6       x     x
Packaging Tricks 4-5       x x    
Looking at Food Advertising 4-6       x x    
Prejudice and Body Image Kit 4-6       x x   x
Image Gap 5,6       x x x x
Mirror Image 5,6       x x   x
The True Story 5,6       x x x x
Promoting Ethical Behaviour Online 6       x     x
Size Up Your Cereal 5-6 x x x x x    
Pulse Rate Line Graphs 6-8 x         x  
Fast Food Ads 3-6       x x    
Emotion Similes 5       x     x
Bowling over Fractions 4-5 x         x  
Nutrition Lab Graphing 4-6 x       x    
Bully-Free Zone 4-6       x   x x
Place Value Tag 2-4 x         x  
Plant Products Bake Sale 4 x x   x x   x
Mission Nutrition Unit (4-6) 4-6 x x x x x x  
Math-sketball 4 x         x  
Mother to Son 6       x     x
Number Crunching 4-5 x         x  
If the World Were a Village Unit 4-5 x   x x     x
Current Events Unit 4-6     x x     x
Ordinary People; Extraordinary Impact Unit 6     x x     x
BIG Feet Unit 4-6 x x x x     x
Our Local Footprint Unit 4-6 x x x x     x
Poly-Tri-Quad Rap Dance 5-6 x         x x
Basketball Multiplication 4-5 x         x  
Cup and Ball Game 4     x     x  
Literature Responses to Bullying 4-6       x     x
Leafy Greens Lessons 4-5 x x   x x    
Math Bridge 4-6 x            
DPA Resources 4-6 x x x x   x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for L.A. 4-6     x x   x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for Math/Science 4-6 x x       x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for Social Studies 4-6     x     x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for P.E. 4-6           x x