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HIA Division 1

Many of the lessons plans and activities listed below are cross-curricular, containing links to outcomes in more than one core subject area and/or grade level. Click on the Documents Directory in order to access all resources.

Division I  Grade(s) Math Science Social  L.A. Healthy Eating Active Living Positive Social 
The 12 Days of Fitness 1 x     x x x x
Healthy Sedimentary Sandwiches 3   x     x    
A Sense - Sational Walk 1   x   x   x  
Food Group Tag 1 x       x x  
Go 4 Green Light Eating K-1 x     x x x  
Addition Robbery 3 x         x  
Snazzy Snacks 1 x     x x    
Spelling Tag 1,2       x   x  
Rosie's Walk 1   x   x   x  
Threads of Our Community K-1     x       x
Class Pictogram 1,2 x   x       x
Rainbow Milk 1   x     x    
Breakfast ABC's K-1       x x    
Breakfast Eaters 1-3 x     x x    
Gregory, the Terrible Eater K-2       x x    
Cloudy with a Chance of.... 1-3 x x     x    
Sentences in Motion 1-3       x   x  
Active Adverbs and Adjectives 2-3       x   x  
Iron For Breakfast 2 x x     x    
The Hungry Healthy Caterpillar K-1       x x    
Poly-Tri-Quad Rap Dance 3,5,6 x         x x
Discovery Buckets ECS       x     x
Action Alphabet Books ECS       x   x  
What's My Name? ECS       x   x  
Understanding Feelings and Moods ECS       x     x
Habitat Game:  Slither On 3 x x       x  
The Little Red Hen's Helpers K-1 x x   x x   x
Place Value Tag 2-4 x         x  
Skipping Through Numbers K x         x  
Apples:  3 A's 3 x     x x    
Moving and Matching ABC's K       x   x  
TV Violence 1-3       x     x
Eating Under Rainbow 1-3 x   x   x   x
A Day in the Life of a Child Unit 3 x   x x     x
Children's Rights Around the World Unit 3     x       x
Developing Pride and Respecting Differences 1     x       x
Math Bridge K-7 x         x  
Tis the Season K-2     x x x   x
Unique Children K-2     x x     x
Friendship Partners K-2     x x     x
Back to School Blues K-2     x x     x
DPA Handbook for Teachers ECS-9 x x x x   x  
Healthy Eating a La Carte 1-3     x   x    
Grow a Snack 1   x   x x    
Fruit and Vegetable Inventory K-2 x       x    
Properties of Water Shuttle Run 2   x       x  
Power to Play (ECS) ECS x x x x x x
Power to Play (Grade 1) 1 x
Power to Play (Grade 2) 2 x
Power to Play (Grade 3) 3 x
Mission Nutrition Unit (ECS-1) K-1 x x x x x x x
Mission Nutrition Unit (2-3) 2-3 x x x x x x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for L.A. 1-6     x x   x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for Math/Science 3 x x       x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for Social Studies K-3     x     x x
2010 Olympic School Kit for P.E. 1-6           x x