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The Wolf Creek AISI Project

Wolf Creek Public Schools is part of a the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) project. AISI is a bold approach to supporting the improvement of student learning and performance by encouraging teachers, parents, and the community to work collaboratively to introduce innovative and creative initiatives based upon local needs and circumstances characterized by these twelve attributes:  
Partnership - AISI is a partnership among teachers, superintendents, trustees, business officials, universities, parents, and government. By working together, the partners continue to develop new relationships, strategies, and practices that provide long-term benefits to teaching and learning in our province.
Catalyst - AISI is a catalyst for change. The common goal, targeted funding, partnership, positive climate, and supportive infrastructure act in concert to achieve significant change in teaching and learning.
Student focused - AISI communicates a compelling commitment to school improvement that aligns with the long-term vision of Alberta Education. AISI projects continue to strengthen the focus on student learning and accommodate the diverse learning needs of individual students and special populations.
Flexibility - School authorities choose strategies that enhance learning in the local context.
Collaboration - Projects are developed and implemented with meaningful involvement of the school community. The active engagement of staff, students, parents, and partners is critical to project success.
Culture of Continuous Improvement - AISI promotes a culture of continuous improvement that is evident in schools and jurisdictions that clearly align school improvement goals, classroom practices, and performance.
Evidence-based Practice - Evidence that educational practices benefit student learning and performance, through the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, is foundational to AISI. The use of multiple methods and data sources gives Albertans confidence in the results.
Research-based Interventions - Solid research provides a reasonable expectation that improvement will occur. Implementation of effective instructional strategies is core to AISI projects. AISI is a vehicle for testing the efficacy of these interventions in the Alberta context.
Inquiry and Reflection - A clear focus on student learning is the foundation for inquiry and reflection. Analyzing strategies that worked and building on them lead to continuous improvement. Strategies that did not work as expected can provide important information about what needs to change and what might be successful.
Building Capacity and Sustainability - Effective PD is planned, systemic, and sustained. Promising practices, tools, products, and processes developed and/or acquired through AISI will benefit Alberta's students in the future.
Knowledge - AISI contributes to the body of knowledge about teaching, learning, and instructional improvement. The AISI family shares this knowledge widely through conferences, reports, the Clearinghouse, and provincial networking sessions.
Networks - AISI networks contribute to the exchange of information, ideas, and resources as well as communication and knowledge dissemination. Networks include face-to-face and digital interactions and may be local, provincial, national, and/or international.

The AISI Goal

The goal of AISI is to improve student learning through initiatives that enhance student engagement and performance and reflect the unique needs and circumstances of each school authority.  To learn more about AISI and its implications for students across Alberta, click here to visit Alberta Education's AISI website.


AISI Cycle III: Assessment

AISI Cycle IV: Instructional Design


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