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AISI Project 4

AISI Framework

AISI stands for Alberta Initiative for School Improvement.  AISI uses targeted and accountable funding to support the improvement of student learning by encouraging teachers, parents, and the community to work collaboratively to introduce innovative and creative initiatives based upon local needs and circumstances. Our current Wolf Creek AISI project is focused on Promoting Assessment - Literate Schools.

AISI is:

What is an AISI project?

AISI stands for the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement. Alberta Education provides targeted funds to school districts for 3-year projects designed to improve student learning. Our current division AISI project (AISI Cycle III) is focused on Assessment.

What is Wolf Creek's AISI IV Focus?

At the core of our jurisdicational AISI focus is a research-based focus on intructional design. AISI IV also builds on the assessment work from AISI III to ensure there is a deep understanding of the essential elements in an excellent learning environment.

What is the AISI IV Driving Research Question?

What will be the effect on Student Achievement if WCPS systemically implements researched based “Promising Practices” in instructional design?”

What are the Project Outcomes?

The goal of our AISI Assessment project is to assist teachers to implement research-based intructional design strategies that have been shown to support and improve student learning. The framework is based on five key elements as represented in this graphic:


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