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AISI Project 3

AISI Framework

AISI stands for Alberta Initiative for School Improvement.  AISI uses targeted and accountable funding to support the improvement of student learning by encouraging teachers, parents, and the community to work collaboratively to introduce innovative and creative initiatives based upon local needs and circumstances.

AISI is:

What is an AISI project?
AISI stands for the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement. Alberta Education provides targeted funds to school districts for 3-year projects designed to improve student learning. Our AISI Cycle III project was focused on Assessment.

What is assessment?
For teachers, assessment is the day-to-day information about student learning that drives the instruction in the classroom. When teachers assess FOR learning, they diagnose where students are at and figure out the next steps in the learning process. During the assessment FOR learning process, students are practicing and receiving feedback about their progress. Later in the learning process, teachers and students complete assessments OF learning (i.e. test, project, presentation, etc.). Assessments of learning are summary snapshots of the learning that has occurred to date. Information from assessments OF learning are compiled into an achievement grade and shared with parents and students (i.e. on report cards, at conferences, etc.).

What are our project outcomes?
The goal of our AISI Assessment project is to assist teachers to implement assessment strategies that have been shown to support and improve student learning. Three common assessment for learning questions guide our project:

  1. What do students need to learn?
    Identifying and clarifying ‘Essential Outcomes’
  2. What evidence will we accept that they have been learned?
    Assessment tools and targets (levels of performance and exemplars) that are clearly based on the identified outcomes
  3. What do we do to ensure student learning?
    Regular descriptive feedback
    Meaningful student involvement

How does AISI fit into our District Vision?

Assessment Web Resources for Teachers

NOTE: A number of Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC) web links are member access only. Wolf Creek Public Schools has a district username and password that can be accessed through school AISI leaders or central office.